Anonymous: Okay, so you lost some things. But by that same notion, have you gained anything? 

hello first anon message in years!!!

hue hue that post was supposed to be a joke/not so joke post bc I was pissed that I’ve lost so many “necessary” things like fuxing mechanical pencils (esp the gift from a person I’ll prob never meet again unless I go to his school) and glasses (like how do u even do that) and many erasers and then I was like lel this week has been stressful for me so why not make a joke out of it

but to answer your question i gained dark circles and regrets and stupid bois and lots of hw. o and mistakes. i dk im tired sorry

like recently I have lost 2 pencils, a pair of glasses, an eos lip balm, self confidence, a few friends, and respect

hue hue not a joke anymore d

what did i do during this whole time idek but i did waste time